A Note From the Kitchen.

All of the food related posts are about my obsession with placating the monster that growls at me from my stomach. My life necessitates that food be inexpensive, simple, seasonal, and delicious. Recent college graduates rarely have the luxury to be anything else. But while Ramen is amazing and pasta is delicious, they get boring. So I work hard to keep my creations tempting.

My family never really got into the whole writing recipes down thing. You either remembered how something was done, made it up as you went along with whatever was on hand, or starved. I’m trying to slowly, but surely back up and correct this problem. As I come up with actual measurements, I’ll add them in to my recipes here.

Every family is different and everyone has eating quirks. Luckily, in my home I only have to deal with myself and my husband, Death. While I am an octo-lacto vegetarian, he’s a void that consumes almost exclusively meat. He’s a good sport though and lets me place the odd vegetable on his plate. I have won him over with my Canned Chili.

Most of my recipes are vegetarian, but I do try to include substitutions to make them fit to serve vegans or meatoholics. Like my Breakfast Casserole for example – which can be changed around using whatever is on hand. Hopefully, families of any kind will find something here they can enjoy.

The Equipment List.

Microwave: 700 watt.

Mixer: Sunbeam, no attachments.

Stove/Oven: Country Charm (no window) by the House of Webster.


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