What Is This Madness?!

Hello there and welcome!

I’m D.R. Moundshroud and this blog is a bit of a hodge-podge. Whether I’m showcasing my own art, providing directions to helpful resources, or sharing stories written between projects, you’ll always find inspiration and ideas to support a magically creative life.

On a more personal level, I live in a forgotten cottage in the middle of a lost kingdom along the edge of forests at the base of very lovely mountains. For the moment, I am a house-spouse tending to this neglected ol’ place with fervor. Storytelling keeps me going.

If you find yourself lost among the names, I recommend reading The Cast of Players and if you’d like a place to start, here, here, or here are all excellent beginnings. So prepare yourself Dear Reader, to find everyday whimsy, paint splatters, food, tea, misplaced monsters, books to read, places to go, things to do, and all kind of odds and bobs.

Want to find me elsewhere? Here I am!

Twitter: @DRMoundshroud

Tumblr: DRMoundshroud

Flickr: Tea_Hiddles  (I love tea and Hiddles is a pet, no relation to Tom.)

BigOven: KitchenPadawan

DeviantArt: HelenQuarter


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