The Store.

Quaker Gap Country Store has been closed for years. Boards cover the windows and even the vents. Only the door still has glass.

Sam watches cars whiz by, passing him and his beloved shop, probably on their way to the county landfill. 

He’s been fogotten.

But he remembers.

He remembers the first day he opened the Store. Everything was crisp. He never stopped smiling because he had made it, he was a business owner instead of a worker.

He remembers his favorite customers, neighbors and strangers alike. At this time of year, they would be buying coffee and ham and propane.

He remembers his wife smiling over stacks of boxes, sneaking his son a chocolate bar (forbidden before dinner), and the smell and peace of early morning before the first customer arrived.

Sam also remembers the day he sat at the bank in an uncomfortable chair and was told he was going to lose everthing. The cancer had drained his savings and the new highway access made him dispensible.

Sam looks out at the decaying lot. There’s nothing he can do now but lose himself in memories. A lone car pulls into the lot and a woman gets out. She takes photos and sighs a little while looking the place over.

Sam waves slowly through the dirty glass. Welcome, he mouths. The woman pauses near the pump wells, looks at the door, and smiles.

Fog swallows the car as it pulls away. In a few hours, light will banish the shadow of Sam into dust swirls. He stays by the door anyway, watching the sun peek through and wonders if she’ll remember.

Snow Plows.

The snowplows are rumbling past. They growl like hungry dragons. Death has awoken grumbling, for he can get no sleep for all this noise. 

To soothe his jangled nerves I have made his favorite coffee, Black Magic, and apple cinnamon oatmeal. Based on the speed of consumption, I would say he is appreciative.

On cold days like this, what’s your favorite meal?

Happy Snow Day!

The Kingdom is covered in soft blankets of sparkling fluff. It is beautiful and serene. The kettle is hot and Jack O’Lantern refuses to move from bed. 

So today, we are staying in to enjoy some reading, cuddles, and the occasional bowl of comfort food.

Ultimate Blog Challenge.

Since my word of the day its consistency, I thought I would try a writing challenge to kick off the year and give me a jump start. So I signed up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge

Yup. I will be writing a new blog post every single day for the month of January. I figured this would be a good boost and get me back in the swing of blogging.

I can usually stick to NaNoWriMo in November, so I don’t expect to have too much difficulty writing something every day. I do, however, expected difficulty writing long blog posts every day. Some days may just be a photo, but hey! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!